Privacy Practices

Privacy Practices
Privacy Practices
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Diamond House Detox Privacy Practices

When you seek treatment at Diamond House Detox, you can feel confident you will receive the ultimate privacy. We are committed to protecting your information and rights, giving you the ultimate freedom and respecting your confidences. Below is an explanation of how we protect your medical and clinical information, and how you can access your information. Please review the following notice and contact us with any questions or concerns.

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Diamond House Detox: Your Rights

You have the right to keep your medical information confidential. You also have the right to access your own information. These rights include:

  • Accessing a copy of your medical record: Our clients may request an electronic or paper copy of their medical record along with any other health information we have on file regarding your case. We aim to provide a copy of your health information as soon as possible and will forward your request to our designated staff to process on the next business day.
  • Request a certain communication style: If you would prefer a specific mode of communication — such as a home phone or contact solely through the mail — just let us know! We will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • Correct your medical record: If you believe your health information to be incomplete or inaccurate, you may ask us to update or correct your file. While we don’t guarantee we will comply with your request, we do guarantee to consider your case and, in the case of a refusal, we will communicate our reasoning.
  • Request limited use or sharing of information: Are you uncomfortable with the sharing of certain health information for treatment or payment? Simply ask us to keep this information confidential. We will only refuse if doing so would negatively impact your care. Additionally, if you’ve paid for a health care service or product out of pocket, you can certainly request that we not share that information with your health insurer. Unless legally obligated to reveal this information, we respect your right to keep it confidential.
  • Know who has access to your information: You have the right to a list of anyone who has received your health information and why we shared it with them.
  • Receive a copy of this privacy page: If you would like a physical copy of this notice, just request it and we’ll provide you a paper version as soon as possible.
  • Acting under someone of your choice: We respect the transferred rights of a medical power of attorney or legal guardian. If you’ve handed over the right to make choices about your medical care and health information, we’ll ensure this person has authority before acting on their requests.
  • File a complaint: At any time, if you feel your rights have been violated, we encourage you to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights. You can learn how to do this by visiting the HHS government page.

Your biggest privacy rights circle around your freedom to make choices. This includes choices about what we share and with whom we share it. For example, you can decide whether we can or cannot share information with your family or others involved in your care.

Instead of you informing us of your preferences, we will use our best judgment and share your information if we firmly believe it is in your best interest, or to lessen a health threat. If you feel strongly regarding the revealing of health information, we advise you to let us know your choice directly.

Under no circumstances will we ever share the following information, unless specifically permitted by you in written form:

  • Sale of any information
  • Using your information for marketing purposes
  • Sharing of your personal therapy notes
Privacy Practices
Privacy Practices

Diamond House Detox: Our Responsibilities

We are fierce advocates of your rights, which includes being aware of the part we play in ensuring your information is kept confidential. Our legal responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring your health information is kept private, secure and protected.
  • Communicating any breach of your information in a timely fashion.
  • Following the duties and privacy practices outlined in this notice, and providing you a copy of this notice upon request.
  • Keeping all medical information private, other than described in the instances here or unless given your permission in writing. You reserve the right to change your mind and rescind permission if given again in writing.
Privacy Practices

Privacy Policy Sharing FAQs

Typically, your health information can be shared or used in the following ways:

  • Used to treat you: We’ll often share your health information with professionals who are treating you, so they can be as informed as possible.
  • Used to run the facility: Unless you have requested certain information be kept private, we may use it to improve your care, run our facility or contact you.
  • Shared to bill your services: We’ll need to use some of your health information to bill and receive payment from your health care plan.

When it comes to matters of public health, we may be allowed or even required to share your information. However, the law closely governs this sharing — you may view governmental information to learn more about these policies. In a nutshell, these scenarios include:

  • Aiding public health and safety issues, such as disease prevention, product recall, suspected abuse or any significant threats to someone’s health or safety.
  • Complying with the law, as required by state or federal laws or by the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Working with a funeral director, medical examiner or coroner in the case of a client’s death.
  • Respond to workers’ compensation, law enforcement or government requests, including but not limited to health oversight agencies or special government functions from the military to national security.
  • Respond to lawsuits and legal actions — for example, providing health information as requested by a court or in response to a subpoena.
Privacy Practices

Making Changes to These Privacy Policy Terms

We reserve the right to make changes to the terms of this notice. Changes will apply to all the information we have on file regarding your health. A new notice will be made available upon request both in our office and on this website. If you have any further questions, please contact Diamond House Detox for more information. We’ll be happy to respond to you promptly!

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