Folsom Mental Health Services

Folsom Mental Health Treatment Center

Mental health conditions affect many people throughout the world. Sometimes, they affect individuals so severely that they live with their lives paused. If you suffer from a mental health condition that’s taking a toll on your overall health and lifestyle, you may need professional help.

Diamond House in Folsom, California, provides mental health services to help struggling individuals find relief, support and resources to manage their conditions.

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Folsom Mental Health Services
Folsom Mental Health Services
Folsom Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services in Folsom

At Diamond House, we offer programs to support Folsom clients with mental health disorders. We’ve designed our programs in ways that are accommodating to clients’ schedules, providing flexibility so you can continue your daily responsibilities while receiving treatment. Our mental health programs include:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): You’ll visit our mental health facility every weekday for treatment when you’re a part of PHP. You’ll receive comprehensive treatment as if you were an inpatient client. In this program, you’ll get daytime treatment and return to your everyday life in the evenings and on weekends.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Come to our mental health center for IOP. In this program, you’ll visit us three to four times a week for a couple of hours each day. It is the most flexible treatment option for those with busy lives. IOP involves personalized meetings with your mental health personnel, such as a therapist or psychiatrist. We provide both virtual IOP and evening IOP options.

Regardless of the program you join, you’ll get opportunities to work with some of our certified medical professionals, like our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and master’s-level therapists. You’ll experience compassion, kindness and respect while working with us.

Treatment Options in Folsom

After deciding which program suits your needs and goals, we’ll see which treatment methods are appropriate. We offer several options to ensure clients can access the most suitable one for them. Some treatment modes we provide include:

  • Individual therapy: In individual therapy, you’ll work closely with a therapist during private sessions to pinpoint the root causes of your mental health concerns. Talk therapy is a popular approach that lets you freely discuss your feelings, fears and anything else you want to talk about. Throughout each session, you’ll also learn coping strategies to help you overcome times of despair and manage symptoms.
  • Group therapy: You aren’t alone in receiving treatment. Many others are seeking assistance too, and you can all gather in group therapy to learn from and support one another. Group therapy helps you build relationships with other clients going through similar mental health journeys.
  • Psychiatric care: Medication can help relieve mental health symptoms for some individuals. When you receive psychiatric care, you’ll meet with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who assesses your medical history and prescribes a medication based on your mental health symptoms and their severity. You’ll regularly meet with your Nurse Practitioner to ensure the medication works and benefits your treatment.

The treatment method you experience depends on your diagnosis, needs and which program you joined. You could engage in one approach or several. We ensure you get a treatment plan that works best for you.

Folsom Mental Health Services
Folsom Mental Health Services
Folsom Mental Health Services

Types of Mental Illnesses We Treat in Folsom

Our mental health services in Folsom cover a wide span of disorders. Our medical professionals are highly educated, trained and experienced in working with clients who have mental health conditions like:

When you come to us for treatment, we ensure you get a personalized plan that provides resources, coping skills and support. Our team members are here to help and provide a safe space you can turn to in times of need.

Why Diamond House?

Diamond House is dedicated to helping clients transform how they view the world and live with mental health disorders. We know mental health struggles can make life challenging, so we developed programs to help individuals manage symptoms and build a support system. Our mental health facility in Folsom is a welcoming and safe environment, so you can feel comfortable participating in our treatment programs.

Our team members do everything possible to help you feel safe, loved and respected. You’ll work with friendly professionals who want the best for you — we’re on your side. We are your cheerleaders throughout your program, constantly encouraging and celebrating you and your accomplishments. While we help you feel comfortable, we also give you a little push so you can achieve your goals.

Folsom Mental Health Services
Folsom Mental Health Services
Folsom Mental Health Services

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Your mental health does not define you. Receive compassionate and comprehensive mental health services in Folsom when you come to Diamond House. We provide treatment that helps you reclaim control over your life and makes living with your mental health disorder easier.

Learn more about our services and programs by filling out our contact form and connecting with a team member today!

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